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Windows 10 top tips and tricks

Windows 10 is full of powerful new features to help you get more from your desktop, laptop or tablet. And all these new features came with mew tips and tricks. Some of these tips unlock powerful functionality which is hidden to most of the users.

1. Customize your Start menu

Windows 10 has come with its traditional start menu. This time you can customize start menu as you like. You can resize all the tiles of start menu by right-clicking on any tiles and select resize to change its size to your choice. You can also uninstall programs from start menu by right-clicking on any tiles and select uninstall.


2. Turn off File Explorer’s Quick Access view

In windows 10 at the start of File Explorer it shows your regularly accessed folders and most recently viewed files. But you can set your File Explorer to go to ?This PC?. To make this tip functional you need to File Explorer, then select View and go to Options from the Ribbon. A folder option will appear and from the Open File Explorer drop-down menu at top select ?This PC? and press OK.


3. Schedule your restarts

Press Windows key + G. A prompt will ask you if you want to open the Game bar. Now click on ?Yes?. After doing these various options will appear. To record a video just click Record button. After finishing capturing video you will find these videos in the Game DVR section of the Xbox app, or inside your user folder under Video > Captures.

4. GodMode

GodMode of Windows 10 brings system?s settings and configuration options into a single location. You just have to create an empty folder and rename it to



5. Keyboard Shortcuts for quick access

?Keyboard shortcuts make access of applications quicker. Following shortcuts could prove helpful.

Win+Tab – Activates Task View
Win+C – Triggers Cortana in listening mode.
Win+Q or Win+S – open up Search/Cortana in typing mode.
Win+I – Opens the Settings app.

Win+Left or Win+Right – snap the current window to the left or right.
Win+Up – maximize a window.
Ctrl+Win+Left or Ctrl+Win+Right – switch to the next virtual desktop.
Ctrl+Win+D – create a new virtual desktop.

6. Switch to tablet mode

When using touch screen tablet mode proves handy. Windows 10 allows users to switch between desktop and tablet mode. You can switch between modes through some simple steps. Firs, click on Notification button located in right bottom corner and tap on ?Tablet Mode? tile.


7. Get rid of the old stuff

If your Windows 10 is upgraded from windows 7 or 8 it keeps a copy of your old operating system. But you can delete those old files. To delete the previous windows file first, search for ?Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files?. Click the shortcut, select your primary hard drive, and in the window that appears, click ?Clean up system files.? After that, check the ?Previous Windows installations? box in the list, then click OK and confirm you want to delete the files.

8. Write on the web with Microsoft Edge

Windows 10?s new web browser has an interesting feature that allows you to annotate web pages. You will get a highlighter, eraser and a marker pen to annotate website by clicking on the Make a Web Note button on the toolbar.

9. Unlock your PC with a fingerprint

Windows 10?s new security features known as ?Windows Hello? allow fingerprint security if you have the necessary hardware installed in your Windows 10 devices. From the Settings app, choose Accounts, then Sign-in options and choose your security among available options.

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