Windows 10 Anniversary Update Enhancement Features

Creating a more reliable and stable operating system that can be used by multiple devices, Microsoft has envisioned and developed Windows 10 to become the most versatile platform. It has been loaded with a multitude of innovative features and applications that enhance the user’s productivity, safety and personalized experiences. Built on the NT kernel just like the previous Windows versions (i.e. XP, Vista, 7 and 8), Windows 10 can now be installed to interconnect PCs, phones, headsets, game devices and more.








One of the key security features that was included in Windows 10 is the built-in?Windows Defender, which will protect your machine against viruses, malwares, spywares and other unwanted malicious programs. This?Windows feature can be configured to offer real-time protection to stop malwares from automatically installing and running on your computer. There is also a cloud-based protection where?Windows Defender?sends automatic reports to Microsoft about your computer’s potential security threats. In addition, you can receive enhanced notifications regarding the current health of your PC. And the best part of it all is that you are getting these top-notch security features for free!







Signing-in to any of your Windows 10 devices has never been more reliable, secured and personalized with the introduction of?Windows?Hello.?This?high-grade?security?feature?offers?you?a?quick?password-free access using face, iris or fingerprint recognition. Moreover, Windows Hello?companion devices, such as a Microsoft Band or a Windows 10 phone, can be used to log in to your PC. However, not all computers are equipped with a built-in or external camera that can perform iris detection nor a fingerprint reader. Below ar the steps to configure your?Windows Hello?feature:

  1. Go?to?Start?Button?start-2-4?then?click?on?Settings?Button ?settings-2-5?.?
  2. Choose?Accounts?accounts-2-6then?Sign-in?options .?




Microsoft?has?included?more?innovative?tools?and?refined?existing?applications?in?the?new?Windows?10?platform. This?is?to?increase?user?productivity?tremendously?by?helping?you?stay?organized,?maintain?your?online?visibility and capture more ideas, among others. One?of the productivity features that was polished in Windows 10 is?the customized Start Menu?panel.



As you can see from the image above, the applications are categorized based on the recently added ones and the most used?programs; while the rest are arranged in alphabetical order. You also have four useful buttons just on top of the Start Button?– your profile account photo,?File Explorer,?Settings?and?Power. To see the names of these buttons in full, just click the?Expand Button?on the upper-left corner of the panel. For those applications that you want to easily access via the?Start Menu, you can simply drag them from the list at the left to the right side of the panel where you can see the labels?“Life at a glance”?and?“Play and explore. These labels can also be edited by just clicking on them.


To remove items from this section, all you have to do is right-click the program and select?Unpin from Start. There are other options that you can choose from such as re-sizing the program tile, pinning the application to the task bar, providing your rating and review regarding the application’s performance and more.


Another improved feature is the Action Center?interface, which provides you an instant access to all the important things that you need from your computer. Most of the time, the?Action Center?shows you notifications from various applications compiled in one very accessible spot. You can launch this by clicking on the last icon at the far right corner of your task bar, just beside the date and time section. Actually, you do not need to open your?Action Center interface to check how many notifications you already have. The same icon will display a number that represents how many notifications are waiting for your acknowledgement.



Having a state-of-the-art look and feel, Microsoft Edge has been transformed to be the ultimate?browser for Windows 10. All of its upgrades aim to deliver a more personalized, responsive and stable online experience for all users. Microsoft Edge is now integrated ?with reading tools, note-taking capabilities by writing directly on the web pages, mark-up sharing features, extension and add-on support and more. For the most part, the browser is now more power efficient, secured, compatible, productive, accessible and remarkably fast.



Now,?you?can?control?the?music?being?played?on?your?computer?even?when?your?device?is?locked.?The?new?lock screen?contains?the?media?controls?that?appear?at?the?bottom?right?corner,?together?with?the?album?art?picture?of the?song?currently?being?played.?To?enable?this?feature,?make?sure?that?you?play?your?songs?via?the?Groove?Music application.


Once your favorite songs have started playing and you decide to lock your PC for security reasons, you will have a similar screen like the one below. Notice the music controls at the bottom-right corner? This means that you can continue listening to your favorite playlist without missing a single beat!


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