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Useful Tools for ensuring privacy of Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system’s privacy can be modified manually, like by disabling express setup during installation or upgrade, or by exploring the Privacy section of the new Settings application. It will give user full control over each setting but it needed very clear knowledge of these settings also need time to make these changes.

Privacy tools helps user to make these changes without advance knowledge.

Destroy Windows 10 Spying

Destroy Windows 10 Spying

This tool is full of privacy settings and tweaks. You can use it to disable spyware tasks in the Task Scheduler, block Microsoft domains in the hosts file, to turn Windows Update on or off, and to remove select applications or all applications from the operating system.

Disable Windows 10 Tracking

Disable Windows 10 Tracking

To disable tracking this tool is very handy. This is the smallest in functionality but largest in size among these tools. It has only four option and these options are all about disabling tracking.

DoNotSyp 10

DoNotSyp 10

This tool created with the feature to disable application access to sensors or system features, disable Cortana or handwriting data sharing. It has the ability to create restore point on start so that user can restore their system on previous point. This tools interface has all the tweaks listed as check box.

Windows 10 Privacy and Shit

Actually this is not a tool. This is a batch file. To use this tool create a new .bat file on your system and paste the contents of the tools into the newly created file. When you run it will disable data logging services, uninstall OneDrive and add domains to the hosts file to block Telemetry data sending.

Windows 10 Privacy Fixer

By using this tool you will get permission to disable for core services which are related to telemetry and feedback, block Telemetry hosts, disable application access to system features, and make general privacy changes, for instance by disabling the unique advertising ID.

W10 Privacy

W10 Privacy

In this tool tweaks are mostly self-explanatory. Most of the privacy settings and general tweaks are listed in this tool?s interface. W10 Privacy has no functionality so user has to restore their system settings manually.

Shut Up 10

The settings this tool has concentrate mostly on privacy and security, but it also has some several important settings such as controlling Windows Update or feedback. In its interface Shut Up 10 displays a list of tweaks. User can see details of tweaks by clicking on a tweak name.

Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows 10

Authors of Spybot Search & Destroy which are a popular anti-spyware program for Windows have created Anti-Beacon. To block Telemetry data and hosts, the Steps Recorder, the use of advertising ID by applications, P2P Windows Updates and WiFi Sense.

Ashampoo AntiSpy for Windows 10

It is a free program that can be run from any location. This tool has the advantage to create restore point. It lists all the tweaks at start. All tweaks are changeable with a click on the switch displays in front of them.

Win10 Spy Disabler

This tool is useful for Disabling spy services, spying scheduled tasks or “removing default built-in Windows apps” performing multiple operations on the system. The program is distributed as portable version. It also shows all its tweaks at start in its interface.

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