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New “Friends” episode written by a computer program – this is hilarious!

The beloved TV show is coming to life again? Well, not exactly!
Andy Herd, a cartoonist and a programmer has written a new episode of the show using?a computer program.


Herd used what’s called a “neural network” – a type of computer artificial intelligence. The program was fed with all the 236 full episodes of the show and learned it patterns for generating new scenes.

So how good is the content? Well, not really good, as expected, TV shows writers can be very calm for now as the program has pretty much exporting very funny but not logical scenes and sentences, such as:

Phoebe: Wow lady! You?re just gonna come over to him jumpy! (They start to cry.)

Chandler: So, Phoebe likes my pants.

Monica: Chicken Bob!

Chandler (in a muffin) (Runs to the girls to cry) Can I get some presents.


So it figures that 236 episodes is not enough for a computer program to process the data and export new data based on it, well – at least not readable or understandable to humans.

You can see samples of the scenes on Andy’s twitter.

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