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Microsoft Word tips and tricks

There are many office suits to write documents but Microsoft Office is one of the popular office suits till now. Most of the small and large working sectors use Microsoft office to prepare their work documents. Microsoft provides student and home use versions of Microsoft office. There also PC and MAC version of Microsoft Office. Though most of the people are using Microsoft Word for a long time to write documents most of them are not familiar with its full power.

So, here are some tips and tricks that will take your Microsoft word experience to a new level.

1. Configure paste options

By configuring your paste option of Microsoft word you can control paste option and its paste formatting. To configure your paste option first, click on office button. Then, navigate to Word Option. After that, go to Advanced. Now, there will be Cut, Copy and paste option. From there you can configure your options. You can disable hyperlinking when pasting and other formatting options.


2. Change full-justification formatting

When justification is applied to a paragraph text become vertically aligned on the left and right of the page by adjusting the spacing between words. Sometime it shows lots of space between texts. Justification needs to give writing a professional and formal look. To do this, click the Office logo, then Word Options, after that, Advanced. Expand the Layout Options from there which is located at the end of the list.


3. Use a hanging indent

This is the least used paragraph formatting system. In this formatting all other lines are indented, but first line is not. To work with this format, select the paragraph, move to the Home tab and double-click the arrow icon in the lower right-hand corner of the ‘Paragraph’ pane.? Now In the Indents and Spacing tab, use the ‘Special’ dropdown menu in the middle of the dialog to select the ‘Hanging’ option and then indicate the indentation level. To apply the indent, click ‘OK’.

4. Hide the ribbon interface

The ribbon is the tool bar which is run on the top of Microsoft Word. Some people feel uneasy to work with this ribbon, but some people enjoy it. For those who do not want this ribbon interface Microsoft Word provided an easy way to hide and restore this ribbon interface. While Microsoft word is open, press ?Ctrl+F1? to hide the ribbon do the same to restore it again.

5. Use the Spike to copy and paste

Spike pasting allows you to copy text from different part and paste them all to gather. If you want to use Spike pasting, use?Ctrl+F3? to copy. You can do this as many times as you need. When you paste, it will paste all the text you have copied by pressing ?Ctrl+F3? commend.

6. Compare documents

Sometimes you need to compare two or more documents. Previously you have to open two documents side by side and then compare them. But now to compare two or more documents open the two documents you want to compare, click the ‘Window’ menu and select ‘Compare Side by Side’. Now click the ‘Window’ menu again and select the ‘Arrange All’ option.

7. Move Around Faster

Suppose you are working on a very lengthy word document. So, to move around your work quickly you can do some tricks. You can press Shift+F5 to cycle through the spots that you have edited most recently. Same trick when you open an existing document inside Word, will take you to the exact location where you had closed that document earlier.

8. Write Anywhere on a Page

Sometimes you need to put your text on the specific location. To do this you have to use ?Tab? or ?Space bar?. But in Microsoft word can be used as a whiteboard. If you want to use Microsoft word as whiteboard Just double-click wherever you want to type your text and start writing.

9. Move Text without Copy-Paste

Most people use Ctrl-x and Ctrl-v to cut and paste. But you can Highlight any block of text, press F2 and then place the cursor at the spot where you want to move that text. Then, press Enter and the selection will be moved into desirable place.

10. Word?s Hidden Calculator

To handle all the common arithmetic operations Microsoft Word has a hidden calculator. If you want to use this calculator write the Math?s expression in your document, highlight it and press the Calculator button live the rest to Microsoft Word for calculation. It will show the result in the status bar.

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