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How To Keep Your PC Clean

pc cleanOne of the most convenient things about owning a Windows PC is the fact that Windows is by far the most popular operating system among personal computer users. Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks of owning a Windows PC is that it?s so popular. On one hand, the popularity of Windows is the reason why it?s compatible with more programs, games, applications, etc? Versus any other operating system out there. All of the major hardware companies out there release Windows drivers all the time to make sure your system is running properly and efficiently.

On the other hand, since the operating system is so popular, there?s a ton of malicious people out there that want to effect the most people possible. Therefore, they design harmful software that targets Windows users. In other words, viruses, adware, and the like are much more common on Windows than any other operating system out there. Therefore, you have to constantly be on your toes if you want to keep your PC clean from infection.

Install An Anti-Virus Program

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One of the very first things you?re going to want to do is install some sort of an anti-virus program. Typically, your windows PC will come with some sort of virus protection right out of the gate. Unfortunately, this anti-virus protection is typically a piece of software that you?ll only be able to use for a trial period, and then you?ll have to shell out some cash in order to keep it functioning properly. If this is the case, you?ll either want to renew your protection, or immediately begin searching for another program.

There are tons of virus protection programs out there, and they?re not all created equally. For instance, some virus protectors aren?t as comprehensive, they wreak havoc on your system resources, and they?ve overpriced. Speaking of pricing, there?s plenty of free virus protection programs out there, as well. However, you have to be careful when selecting one. Some viruses will pose as a free virus protection solution. This is actually so they can encourage you to install their program, they?ll find fake viruses on your computer, or install viruses, and then charge you to get rid of them.

Either way, whether you go with free protection, or paid protection, you?ll want to be thorough with your research. Make sure you for plenty of research, read plenty of reviews, and go with a reputable company.

Install Anti-Spyware Protection

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that anti-virus software is the same thing as anti-spyware software, and vice versa. Unfortunately, this is absolutely not the case, and it ends up in people having massively infected computers. A good rule of thumb to remember is that a good anti-virus program isn?t going to be the best anti-spyware program, and vice versa. Therefore, you?ll want a standalone piece of software to cover both vulnerabilities.

Keep Everything Up-To-Date

it?s important that you keep everything on your system updated. I?m not just talking about your virus protection, and spyware protection, either. It?s important to keep all of your software, as well as Windows up-to-date. If you?re a forgetful person, you may want to enable automatic updates on all of your software. That way, you won?t have to worry about remembering to keep everything updated. However, keep in mind, automatic updates will slow your PC down a bit.

Scan Your PC Daily

A lot of programs out there come with schedules, so you can schedule for them to scan your PC at regular intervals. It?s highly recommended that you set up a daily scan schedule for your PC. Of course, you?ll want to schedule the scan to take place during times that you won?t be on your computer, as the scan will slow your PC down. Once you?re back on your PC, you?ll be able to see all of the results from the scan, and act accordingly.

Beware of Popups and Ads

The web is filled with popups and advertisements, and they?re not going to go away anytime soon. That being said, these ads will typically take you to sites that try to get you to spend some money on something. Sometimes, these sites will encourage you to download free applications, games, etc? Installing anything from an ad or a popup is not a good idea, and will typically lead to installing some sort of virus or adware. Therefore, it?s important that you browse the web intelligently.

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