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Installing latest NVIDIA drivers in your pc

If you own an NVIDIA GPU you will have to update its driver time to time. Playing GPU hungry games require these updates for a better experience of gaming. Two steps are briefly required for such purpose.

  1. Getting the latest updates
  2. Installing the latest driver.

Getting the latest updates

Having NVIDIA Geforce Experience installed in the PC will trigger a notification for getting an update. Without any hurdle, the update automatically scans for suitable drivers. If the internet is connected and the update is configured to be scanned automatically, then updating and installing will be a piece of cake. To configure settings regarding updates, you have to go to NVIDIA control panel first. Either you can go there by simply clicking on the system tray from the bottom right corner of the screen or you can manually download the updates from the NVIDIA official website.


Then click on the NVIDIA logo (If updates are available then the logo will display an exclamation sign). After that, you can view the menu which includes the option called check for update. Click on check for updates to bring up the NVIDIA Geforce Experience which will eventually notify you whether any update is available for your GPU or not.


After being redirected to NVIDIA Geforce Experience you can download the update directly by clicking on Download driver.



Clicking on Download driver will trigger the updates to be downloaded from the NVIDIA official websites.


Another way of getting driver update is directly downloaded updates from the official NVIDIA website. For this purpose, visit http://www.nvidia.com/drivers. After being redirected to their official driver download page, you have to follow some procedures.

  1. Fill the required information of your graphics card and Operating system.
  2. Click on search to detect the latest drivers for your graphics card.


Clicking on SEARCH will redirect you to proceed further. Click on Download and then click on AGREE AND DOWNLOAD when prompted. The download will begin shortly.


Installing the latest driver

After getting the latest updates you will have to install the latest graphics drivers for your GPU. If you have downloaded the updates using NVIDIA Geforce Experience, you will be given the option of Express install (which will install all files downloaded in the updates) and Custom install (which will provide the option of selection of components).


Choosing any of these two options will result into installing the drivers. Installation of driver will automatically begin. After installation completes, click on close to close the installation window.


If you downloaded the driver from the official NVIDIA website, then you will have a downloaded .exe file in your downloaded folder. The downloaded installation file will look like


Click on it or right click on the icon and run it as administrator. After that, you will be asked to specify the folder where the driver files are to be saved. Click on OK after you have specified the folder. Your installation will start within a moment. Click on AGREE AND CONTINUE when prompted. Here you will also be given the choice of two different modes of installing, Express or Custom. Choose whatever fits for you. After choosing an option, click on Next to start the installation. Close the installation when prompted.


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