How to update firmware of HikVison DVR | Upgrade Hikvision DVR firmware using TFTP

I’ve written this article out of deep frustration, as I’ve tried every single method of updating the firmware of my?HIKVISION DS-7204HFI-SH DVR and nothing seem to work, and not only that, I’ve also bricked / boot looped my DVR! So, I’ve made a huge research about how to fix it, because I was sure there IS a way to fix this! And here it is, for your usage, I hope it will help you!

So, if you want to upgrade your DVR firmware but?it’s very old and won’t let you use anything other than Internet Explorer 9 Browser or?even If you bricked?your DVR, it doesn’t matter, you can still upgrade it to the latest firmware with those following steps:

The things that you will need:

  • A HikVison DVR (yeah)
  • Your DVR latest firmware. Please check carefully that it’s exactly what you need and matches your device! You will POTENTIALY be able to fix it if you screw up, but I wouldn’t try!
    You can download it from here:
  • HIKVISION TFTP software for Windows, I’ve uploaded it for your convenience to multifilemirror, so you can download it from one of the links on this list https://multifilemirror.com/2a2m7owt5yp7/tftp.zip.html
  • A Windows 7/8/10 Laptop/PC with a network cable
  • A lot of patience!

Step 1 ? Prepare the files

Unzip your firmware zip and the TFTP zip to a new folder. Make sure you unzip all the archives to the same directory (it doesn’t matter where you create it). You should get a folder that contains a few files:







The file digicap.dav is the firmware file. Make sure it has exactly that name.

Step 2 ? Connect your PC to the DVR with a network cable

Do that. Connect them directly with a network cable.

Now go to your PC network adapter settings and set your IP to be
(this is extremely important)

Turn off your DVR.

Step 3 ? Watch the magic

Open the file tftpserv.exe and turn on your DVR.

It should say something like “TFTP Server[] initialized

Wait for your device to start up the booting process, should take 10-30 seconds and you will see a few more messages pointing out test and connect.

If you have the correct firmware and it’s file name is digicap.dav on the same folder, it should start the transmiting the firmware file to the DVR.

Here is an example of the log after it’s all done:

hikvision tftp

After it finishes, it will reboot and will magickly work!!!! You now should have a working DVR device.

You can now close the software and unplug the ethernet cable from your PC.

You will need to re-configure your DVR.

Don’t forget to change back your IP to automatic or whatever configuration you’ve had there on your PC.




  • Ipcamtalk Forum
  • @zimurgy giving the TFTP program on this thread – https://ipcamtalk.com/threads/hikvision-tftp-update-software.6473


  1. Hello! I can?t find the firmware ds-7802hfi-svse in the portal because it was erasing. Where i can find it? thanks.

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