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How To Make Your Windows 10 PC Faster

In this article, we?re going to go over how you can make your Windows PC much faster. With the recent release of Windows 10, a lot of people have upgraded to the new OS from an older system, and they want to get the most out of their hardware. Therefore, below, you?re going to be provided with one of the easiest ways you can make your Windows 10 PC faster than ever. The easiest way, and most overlooked, is how many programs you have launching as soon as your computer boots up.


Unfortunately, the more programs you have launching when Windows 10 starts, the slower your computer is going to be, as it?s basically bottle-necking your resources. In addition to all of the files and programs Windows requires to run in general, Windows is also trying to load the programs you?ve selected to launch at startup. Now, don?t feel bad, because most people don?t know this. instead, they just want their commonly used programs to auto-launch, because they?re going to load them up later, regardless. Even though it?s more convenient for your favorite programs to launch when your PC boots up, it?s going to hinder system performance.

So, how can you correct this issue and get your PC running at optimal speeds? First of all, you?ll want to conduct a search on your PC. You can do this by clicking on the box on the bottom left-hand side of your screen. There, you?ll find a search box by the start button.

  • In the search box, type ?MSCONFIG?
  • Hit ?Enter? on your keyboard.


At this point, a system configuration window is going to pop up on your screen with numerous tabs at the top of the screen.

  • Select the ?Startup? tab.?


Now that you?re in the startup tab, you?re going to be able to view all of the programs on your computer that startup alongside of Windows. As stated above, these programs are going to hinder the performance of your system. Chances are, you?re going to find programs in there that you forgot about, or didn?t even know were installed on your PC in the first place. You shouldn?t feel bad, because a lot of programs will have an option while installing them that asks if you?d like them to start when Windows starts and is accompanied by a check box. Most people don?t even see this option, and inadvertently leave the checkbox checked.

The good news is that Windows 10 makes it very easy for users to disable these programs that startup at launch. Simply hit the ?Disable? button at the bottom-right of the ?System Configuration,? window and you?ll disable all of these programs from starting up when Windows starts. Now, you may want to make sure that you do not disable critical items, such as your antivirus software or certain programs that control system settings, such as graphic card software. Simply by the names alone, you?ll be able to decipher what is critical and what is not.

Now, restart your PC and you?ll notice that Windows loads much faster without all of these programs trying to launch at once.

Another little tip to keep your Windows 10 pc running nice and smooth is to check your ?System Configuration,? every month, so that way you?ll be able to see if any new programs are launching up at start. It?s also a good idea to take preventative action in the future, so that programs don?t add themselves to the automatic launch list. Typically, at the end of most program installations, you?ll be asked whether or not you?d like the program to launch with windows, and there will be a check box with a check mark already in it. Uncheck the box, and you won?t have to worry about the program launching with Windows.


A lesser known fact to most Windows users is that the number of quick launch items you have in the task bar can also have a negative impact on your speed.?

Simply remove these items by right-clicking on them, and opting to remove them from the task bar. This isn?t going to be a world of different as far as speed is concerned, but it was certainly decrease boot times.

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