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How to do defrag a hard drive and make it faster

We use a hard disk for storing and accessing data. When a computer stores data onto hard disk drive, it is not always possible to put all the data together. In this situation, some parts of the data can be written near the beginning of the hard disk and the rest of the data can go to the end of the disk. Often this scenario causes hurdles and our computer begins to run slow.

Disk defragment rearranges these different parts of data and stores them together. Moreover, Disk defragment makes computers run its programs faster.

There are different defragmentation tool available which you can use to defragment your hard disk drive. But, Microsoft Windows has its own defragmentation tool. Built in Windows Disk Defragmenter is included in windows vista or letter provides more improved and better service. Disk Defragmenter has low task priority. So, it runs in the background and does not affect any other programs. It usually runs when the machine is idle. To keep the hard disk defragmented automatically, it uses the Task Scheduler. This automatic defragmentation does not affect the performance of the Windows.

For defragmenting purpose one need to follow few simple steps.

  1. Go to Control Panel. Click on System and Security. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??111
  2. Now, Click on Defragment Your Hard Drive under section called Administrative Tools. ??222
  3. Select a hard drive or volume which you want to defragment.
  4. Click on Analyze disk. It will take time to analyze your disk depending on your disk size, amount of fragmentation, processor and ram speed. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??333


  1. After it finishes analyzing your drive click on Optimize.
  2. Once you started defragmentation, all other programs will start running slow. If you need to run another program during defragmentation just stop or pause the defragmentation process. If you stop the defragmentation process it will start over from the very beginning. Pausing the process has advantages to resume from where it is left.
  3. After finishing defragmentation click on Close


Disk defragment using?Command prompt

You can also defragment your drive using the command prompt. To defrag your drive using the command prompt:

-Open command prompt and Type ?defrag c:? and press Enter.

NOTE: defrag c: to defrag C Drive. Use other letters to defrag other drives.

To control defragmentation use the following parameters with the Defrag command

-r?Use this command to defrag fragments which are less than 64MB and with default setting.

-a? it analyzes the selected drive and displays a summary report in the end.

-c? Defragments all volumes on the computer.

-w?Use this to defragment all the files of all size.

-f?It forces defragmentation. When there are less than 15% of free space in your hard drive, windows will not allow defragmentation for such scenarios. So, use this command to defragment drives by force.

-i?If you want to run defragmentation when computer is idle. Use this command. It works like scheduled task.

-v?To get complete reports of analysis.

-b?To optimize Boot files and application.

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