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Create website shortcut on windows desktop

It is very easy and time saving if get shortcut on your desktop of every work which you do most of the time. Everyone have their favorite or working website which they need right after they open their web browser. We can save our favorite web pages in our by setting the page as bookmark. By doing this we have to open our browser and have to g to book mark list and then have to open our favorite web page. It is a time consuming process.

It is a very good ability of Google Chrome that you can make application shortcut of any web page. You can also create web shortcut by using Google Chrome and other browsers.

Creating Application Shortcut using Google Chrome

  1. First of all, Open your browser and Visit your favorite page. Then click on the Menu icon which is situated at right top corner of Google Chrome.
  2. Now, Scroll down to More Tools option and select Create Application Shortcuts.


3. Next, from the dialogue box select Desktop.

4.?Now, Click Create Button to create an application shortcut on Desktop.


Creating a web shortcut on desktop by using Chrome and Other Browsers

A web shortcut navigates you to your favorite web page which you have created earlier. You can create web shortcut by drag and drop from your web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc).

To do this, by opening your browser and go to your favorite page, you will see an icon right next to the web address in the URL bar.

Click on the logo (lock icon) and drag it onto your desktop. The icon should look like this

Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Internet Explorer


Next time to visit your favorite website Open your created icon. It will take you directly to your favorite website. You can also rename your created icon.

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