3 Best Smartphones of 2016

So, you?re on the hunt for a new smartphone to buy, huh? Well, that doesn?t come as a surprise, as a lot of the carriers are currently rolling out new plans, plus there?s some really hot phones currently on the market, but which one should you choose? Below, you?ll find a list of the three best smartphones that are currently on the market, and... Read more

5 Best Streaming Media Players

With all of the streaming services out there, it?s become so much easier to get rid of all of your physical media and switch over to streaming your content. Services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, and other streaming services are among some of the best out there, but what physical hardware should you pick up to stream these services? Well,... Read more

How to do defrag a hard drive and make it faster

We use a hard disk for storing and accessing data. When a computer stores data onto hard disk drive, it is not always possible to put all the data together. In this situation, some parts of the data can be written near the beginning of the hard disk and the rest of the data can go to the end of the disk. Often this scenario causes hurdles and our... Read more

Installing latest NVIDIA drivers in your pc

If you own an NVIDIA GPU you will have to update its driver time to time. Playing GPU hungry games require these updates for a better experience of gaming. Two steps are briefly required for such purpose. Getting the latest updates Installing the latest driver. Getting the latest updates Having NVIDIA Geforce Experience installed in... Read more

How to connect Bluetooth device with Windows computer

Bluetooth, a wireless alternative to data cables, created in 1994. This technology allows transferring data between devices without any cable connection. Now days, there are many devices having this technology and it needs to transfer data or receive from other devices, especially from the computer. If you connect your devices to your computer, it... Read more

Installing windows 8/8.1 from USB device

A common way of installing windows to a personal computer is to install using a USB device or flash drive. Since many new design personal computers, especially tablets, netbooks and smaller laptops do not have any optical drives, it only requires an USB drive to install Windows 8.1 and later versions. Windows 8/8.1 is also downloadable as disc... Read more