Best online games (browser games)

It's seems like Adobe Flash has been here forever - but lately google decided to drop its support on Google Chrome. So before it's dead forever, here are a few on the best games you can play online: Slither.IO A simple but addictive game. You plays as a snake, while there are a lot of other snakes around you - those are actual players like... Read more

6 Best MacBook Accessories

  There are a ton of MacBook accessories out there, but it can be a problem to determine which ones are actually worth purchasing, because it seems like everyone is cashing in on the Apple bandwagon. Ease your mind, because a list of the best MacBook accessories out there are listed below, and will make using your MacBook so much easier... Read more

4 Best Free Mac Apps

So, you have a shiny new Mac and you want to get some of the hottest applications for it. Well, that?s easier said than done, because the app store is absolutely flooded with developers wanting you to try out their latest creation. This can make it very difficult, especially if you?re a Mac newbie. Plus, some of the best Mac apps aren?t even... Read more

6 Mac Apps That Are Worth Paying For

A lot of great apps can be found in the app store that are completely free, but there are some that command a hefty price tag. Chances are, you?re wondering which ones are actually worth paying for. Below, you?ll find a list of apps that are totally worth their price, and will definitely enhance your Mac experience. 1: Pages Download... Read more

3 Best Smartphones of 2016

So, you?re on the hunt for a new smartphone to buy, huh? Well, that doesn?t come as a surprise, as a lot of the carriers are currently rolling out new plans, plus there?s some really hot phones currently on the market, but which one should you choose? Below, you?ll find a list of the three best smartphones that are currently on the market, and... Read more

5 Best Streaming Media Players

With all of the streaming services out there, it?s become so much easier to get rid of all of your physical media and switch over to streaming your content. Services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, and other streaming services are among some of the best out there, but what physical hardware should you pick up to stream these services? Well,... Read more