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Best online games (browser games)

It’s seems like Adobe Flash has been here forever – but lately google decided to drop its support on Google Chrome.

So before it’s dead forever, here are a few on the best games you can play online:


A simple but addictive game. You plays as a snake, while there are a lot of other snakes around you – those are actual players like you, playing live with you. The target is to eat as much as you can and prevent being destroyed.



Papa Louie 2


Papa was kidnapped few hours ago, and only you can find and save him ! It will be dangerous and you will encounter many obstacles and enemies.


Scary Maze Game


This game is super scary ! Move the dot without touching the borders. Very soon, something scary will happen ! You can also prank your friends with this game (and watch them scream).


Color switch


Bounce the small ball and try to last as much time as possible. The obstacles are constantly changing colors. Find the right time to cross them – time after time.

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