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7 Essential Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Learn


mac keyboardHave you ever seen someone operating their Mac and they move at blazingly fast speeds? Chances are, we all have, and we?ve all been completely envious of that guy. After all, it would be nice just to be so comfortable on your Mac that your hands are never left reaching for the mouse. If you learn the proper keyboard shortcuts, you can save yourself a ton of time and headache. Below, you?ll find a list of some of the most essential Mac keyboard shortcuts that you need to learn in order to fluently navigate your machine.

1: How to Quickly Switch Between Open Apps

If you?re familiar at all with Windows, you probably know of the alt+tab shortcut, which allows you to quickly switch between programs. The Mac has this shortcut as well:

cmd + tab

With this command, you won?t have to use your mouse to switch between your open apps.

2: How to Quit an Open App

Quitting an app on the Mac isn?t as simple as hitting the red button in the upper-left corner of the App window. Instead, you have to specifically close the program. To do this, use the following keyboard shortcut:

cmd + q

This will close the active app on your screen.

imac3: Spotlight Shortcut

One of the greatest things Apple has included on their systems is the Spotlight feature. Spotlight makes it extremely easy to find files, find apps, search the web, etc? Without a doubt, it?s a time-saving feature that a lot of people have fallen in love with, as it prevents you from having to dig through your files and folders to find what you?re looking for. Go ahead, give it a try:

cmd + spacebar

This will bring up the Spotlight feature. If you decide not to use it, you can close out of it by using the keyboard shortcut again.

4: Open A New Tab

Opening a new tab in an internet browser is one of the most common functions people do on their Mac. Without a doubt, it makes things far easier when you can use a keyboard shortcut, like the one below:

cmd + t

This will open a new tab, and you can begin typing a URL or search term immediately.

5: Create A New Document

Have you ever been working in an app and need to create an entirely new document? Use this keyboard shortcut to make it happen:

cmd + n

Now, you?ll be able to begin work on your new project immediately.

6: Save A Document

Saving your documents on a regular basis while working on them is a good habit to develop, and you can do it on the fly with a simple keyboard shortcut:

cmd + s

7: Open the Save-As Window

Sometimes, you may want to save your document in a format that?s different than the default option. Doing this is similar to the method above, but with one more key addition:

cmd + shift + s

From there, the Save-As window will open, and you can save your document in whatever format you like.

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