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6 Mac Apps That Are Worth Paying For

A lot of great apps can be found in the app store that are completely free, but there are some that command a hefty price tag. Chances are, you?re wondering which ones are actually worth paying for. Below, you?ll find a list of apps that are totally worth their price, and will definitely enhance your Mac experience.

1: Pages


Download Here

Pages is a nice word processor that is the Mac equivalent to Microsoft Word, but at a much more affordable price. It comes packed with a ton of templates pre-installed, so you?ll already have the tools you need to create practically any type of document you could ever dream of. Also, you?ll be able to export files to Word documents, PDF documents, etc?

2: Keynote


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Just like Pages, Keynote is the equivalent to another Microsoft program. Basically, Keynote is the Mac version of Powerpoint. It comes packed with a ton of templates, so once again, you?ll be accommodated, no matter what type of presentation you?re making. Plus, you can export Keynote files to Powerpoint files.

3: Disk Doctor

Download Here

Disk Doctor is consistently in the top paid for apps within the app store, and for good reason. Dick Doctor will scan through your hard drive and then give you a report on files you may want to consider deleting in order to save some disk space.

4: Alfred

Download Here

When you ask anyone what one of their most-used apps are on their Mac, you?re likely going to hear them respond with ?Alfred.? Seriously, this is one of those apps that a lot of people simply can?t do without, because it?s just so powerful. Alfred will enable you to create workflows that make operating your Mac so much easier, and more efficient. For instance, if you want to open an app or file, all you have to do is type ?Open (insert app/filename here),? and Alred will open it. In other words, you don?t have to dig through files and folders to find what your?e looking for.

Even though Alfred has a free option, you?ll want to pay for the premium version, also known as the power pack. That?s where the true power of Alfred lies.

5: 1Password

Download Here

The days of remembering all of those different passwords you have for different sites are over. 1Password has a master password, which you use to log into the app. After that, 1Password will remember all the passwords you use for different sites, so you never have to remember them, or type them in again.

6: Pixelmator

Download Here

Pixelmator is a fantastic option if you don?t feel like shelling out hundreds of bucks for Photoshop. Plus, it?s pretty powerful, too. It?s extremely user-friendly, and does have the ability to open Photoshop files, while being able to save to Photoshop files, as well. It?s not as advanced as Photoshop by any means, but it?s a fairly powerful photo editor that?s highly customizable. Plus, there?s tons of tutorials out there for it.

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