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6 Best MacBook Accessories


There are a ton of MacBook accessories out there, but it can be a problem to determine which ones are actually worth purchasing, because it seems like everyone is cashing in on the Apple bandwagon. Ease your mind, because a list of the best MacBook accessories out there are listed below, and will make using your MacBook so much easier and better.


1: Nifty Minidrive – Buy Here

Let?s face it, MacBooks do not come with a ton of built in storage. Even if you upgrade, the storage space is a bit slender. That being said, you may want to pick something up to expand your storage a tad. This is where the Nifty Minidrive can come in handy. The MiniDrive is great, because not only will it expand your storage, but it won?t look cheesy doing it. The Minidrive uses a MicroSD card for storage, which actually fits perfectly into your Macbook, with no overhang. Therefore, there?s no eye sore sticking out the side of your Macbook.


2: Snuglet – Buy Here

The MagSafe connector on your Macbook is another feature that practically every Macbook owner loves, but it does have some quirks. Sometimes, the power connector can accidentally be pulled out of your Macbook, which can create a bit of frustration. This typically happens when using your Macbook in the bed, or when your Macbook is seated on an uneven surface. Before you know it, the plug pulls right out on accident, and you have to hook it back up. Snuglet is a little accessory that will prevent your MagSafe cable from ever pulled out on accident.

3: Henge Docks – Buy Here

Henge Docks has recently become very popular among Macbook owners. It?s a dock you can sit on your desk and insert your Macbook into whenever you?re not using it. It seats your Macbook vertically, so you save as much desk space possible, and also has extension cables that are fed through it neatly, so you can keep your desk nice and clean. Whenever you leave your desk, simply grab your Macbook from the dock and go.

4: DualHead2Go – Buy Here

Having two monitors is better than one, and having three is, well, you get the point. With DualHead2Go, you can attach two displays to your Macbook, which means you can have three displays running all at once. This accessory uses your MacBooks thunderbolt port, and is simply powered by a USB port.

5: mTower – Buy Here

The mTower is very similar to Henge Docks, as it?s another docking station you can use for your Macbook. Like Henge Docks, mTower vertically seats your Macbook, which will save you a good bit of desk real estate. It is also set up perfectly for cable management, so once again, you don?t have to worry about having a messy desk.

6: A Case – Buy Here

For this one, we?re not going to suggest any certain brand or any certain model of case, as most are exactly the same, but come in different colors and designs. Therefore, it?s widely up to the user?s opinion as to what they?d like their Macbook to look like. However, we?re suggesting a case, because it?s very easy to scratch and / or scuff that very nice aluminum finish on your Macbook.

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