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5 Tips For Faster Wi-Fi


faster wi-fiSo, you signed up for an internet plan that promises insanely fast download speeds, but you?re not getting anywhere near what you were promised. Could this be a fault of the internet service provider, or is it something on your end that?s causing a lack in the services you were promised? Chances are, there?s some things hindering your internet speeds. In this article, we?re going to look at things you can do to?get faster?wi-fi.

1: Call Your Internet Provider

If you?re not getting the speeds you were promised, you can go ahead and call up your Internet provider. They?ll be able to tell you how strong of a signal you?re receiving from them, and if there are currently any hiccups in your area. If there?s nothing wrong with their service, or no mistakes on their part, you may want to start looking for things you can do on your own that can speed things up.

2: Restart Your Router

This is one of the most basic tech tips of all-time, so we highly suggest that you always remember this. If you?ve ever called your ISP in regards to internet issues, they?ve likely told you to unplug your router, give it a minute, and then plug it back up. This little trick typically solves about 95% of internet service issues. Alternatively, your route should have a reset button hidden on it somewhere. Usually, you?ll need something very small to hit the button, so be prepared to hunt out a paper clip in order to reset it. Resetting your router reboots the entire network system, radio signals, etc?

3: Choose Router Placement Carefully

It?s important that you set your router up in a central area of your home. That way, it?ll be more likely to be able to reach all of your devices without issue. Try to keep the space around your router open, as well. In other words, you don?t want it obstructed by a ton of clutter, which could hinder the signal. Also, if your router has antennas on it, it?s better to place the antennas at a vertical angle, rather than a horizontal angle.


4: See If Anyone Else Is Using The Internet

When other people in your home are using the internet, you?re basically going to share your connection with them. Depending on what they?re doing, they could really have a major impact on your internet speeds. For instance, if you have three people in the house actively streaming different things on Netflix, you can expect speeds to dwindle.

5: Your Microwave May Be The Culprit

This is a little bit silly, and most people don?t know about it, but your microwave can interfere with your Internet speeds, and actually cause your wifi to stop working altogether. If you notice inordinate internet outages, you may want to check and see if someone in your home is using the microwave, as that could definitely be the problem. Once they?re finished, internet service should resume.

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