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5 Reasons Why Your Computer May Be Slow


ieThere?s absolutely nothing wor se than a computer that is beginning to slow down. It can happen for numerous reasons, and the more you use your computer, the more likely it is to slow down. As you surf the web, download music, movies, files, programs, etc? You?re filling your hard drive up, and over time, there?s definitely going to be some performance issues. Below, you?ll find reasons as to why your computer may be running slower than it used to.

1: Browser Add-Ons

These pesky little buggers have been slowing down people?s computers since the dawn of time. Now, we?re not saying that every browser add-on is bad, especially when you install one intentionally, but there?s a lot of programs out there that install add-ons without your knowledge. The end result is browser adware, which will slow down the performance of your computer, and will also likely cause you to receive popups, ads, and even redirects to other websites.

2: Your HardDrive Could Be Dying

This is a less-likely cause of computers slowing down, but it happens to everyone, assuming they own and operate their computer long enough. Traditional hard drives are mechanical, and have moving parts to them, so eventually, they will give out. Solid state drives, even though they don?t have moving parts, can still crash, leaving your files corrupted. If your computer is slowing down and you think it could be due to your hard drive giving out, you should immediately backup your sensitive files.

computer3: You Have Too Many Active Programs Open

Computers are great at multi-tasking, and that?s why people absolutely love them, but just like people, there?s only so much your computer can handle at one time. The more programs you have open, the more ram your computer has to allocate to support those programs. In other words, you?ll begin to spread your resources thin. Therefore, you may want to close some programs to give your computer some breathing room. If you find that this is a reoccurring issue, you may want to purchase more RAM.

4: You Have Too Many Browser Windows or Tabs Open

We?ve all had that time when we?re surfing the web and find tons of things that interest us, which leads to us having tons of tabs and / or browser windows open. Unfortunately, this is going to slow your PC down, as your browser is going to need more than its fair share of RAM to support all of those windows / tabs being open. Simply bookmark those tabs and get to them whenever you can, rather than having them all open at once. Once again, if this is a reoccurring issue, you may want to purchase yourself some more RAM.

5: It?s A Virus

A virus can easily slow down your computer. Viruses typically slow down your computer, because they try to do things like pushing advertisements / pop ups on you, go through your files, try to crash your system, try to obtain your personal info and send it off, etc? If your computer is running slow, you may want to consider performing a virus scan to see if that?s the issue.

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