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4 Best Free Mac Apps

So, you have a shiny new Mac and you want to get some of the hottest applications for it. Well, that?s easier said than done, because the app store is absolutely flooded with developers wanting you to try out their latest creation. This can make it very difficult, especially if you?re a Mac newbie. Plus, some of the best Mac apps aren?t even featured in the app store to begin with.

It?s a good thing you came across this article, or else you may be missing out on some of the best Mac apps of 2016. Below, you?ll find some of the best apps currently available, and you can download them all right now completely free.



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This is an app that is an absolutely must have if you?re a Mac owner. Apple, being the battery-conscious company that they are, do not include a setting that allows you to keep your display on at all times. If you disappear from from your Mac for an extended period of time, the display can cut off. It goes without saying that overtime, this can be a fairly bothersome, especially when you have to log back into your computer when you?re working, because you had to take a potty break.

Caffeine is a very simple little app that won?t allow your display to cut off when it?s activated. Turning the app on and off is as simple as left-clicking on the icon in the menu bar a the top of your screen. When the coffee cup is filled with coffee, the app is activated. When it?s empty, the app is turned off, and your display will shut off when you?re inactive.

flux app


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Staring at that gorgeous retina display Apple offers with their new lineup of products is a great thing, but any display can wreak havoc on your sleeping schedule. With F.lux, your display will automatically adjust itself based on the time of day. As it gets later, and closer to your bed time, F.lux will go to work ? cutting down on the blue light emitting from your display.


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Quicktime comes bundled with OSX, but the software is a bit clunky and load times aren?t the greatest. That?s why it?s highly advisable that you download VLC to open all of your video files. It?s quick, easy and efficient.


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It can be a royal pain to remember all of your passwords, which makes it very tempting to use the same password for all of your accounts. It doesn?t take a security genius to know that this is a horrible idea. LastPass solves both of these problems, as it boasts that it?s the last password you?ll ever have to remember. Basically, log into LastPass with a master password you?ve set, and LastPass will then begin to remember all the different passwords you use for all of your online accounts. It will even fill in your login information for you, and will help you generate strong passwords, so your accounts become more secure.

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